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The Work of Nsentip U. Nsentip

Nsentip U. N
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I’ve put together a selection of my most recent and memorable work. I’m proud of each and every piece in my Author Portfolio, and hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. For any inquiries, please get in touch.


The Quest for Namondo

May 2016

Namondo, the lone child of Chief Mutanda, the Ruler of Bokondo; mysteriously disappeared. What then became of Mutanda in securing the bizarre items with the hope of rescuing his son Namondo?


Encounters with Daughters of Mermaids

November 2019

The populous people of Bokoko form the most dominant maritime coastal dwellers of Docoland. There, in the abyssal most depths of the boundless, whispering ocean around them, some strongly believe, dwelleth the entire hierarchical firmament of their gods, goddesses, deities, nymphs, and other immortals. Some say according to the idyllic allegory of the people along this massive belt, that during the tempestuous upwelling and swelling high tides, some of these immortal beings, at times emerged in human form from their endless ocean.

Once Upon A Time with the Centaur in Bokoko

August 2020

Believe it, if you can! I don’t know though, but they say that a tectonic event very much unparalleled in history had occurred here in Bokoko in multiple myriads of years ago. The extraordinary episode which had successfully taken place, concerned a monumental visit and marriage between Cheiron, the Ancient Centaur, to an all-powerful marvelously beautiful deep ocean water goddess, Asianama of Bokoko, in Docoland.

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 This is a much needed new translation of the classic of Calabar, Nigeria, written first in the Efik language in 1933. Prof. Nsentip offers new insight into the story based on years of experience teaching and traveling in the region. Highly recommended!

Ivor Miller (2021)

Thanks for sharing this book with me. Good luck with all your future publications. This appears to be a family affair. That's great!

Gail. N (2020)

 Ete Obong, my friend!

You have truly done a great job! What is you plan for the next one?

Akan B. (2017)

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